You’ll Want to Remember Roxanna’s “Unforgotten”

Can you hear it? The crispy fluttering of a resonant acoustic guitar. The light, short snaps of a lonesome but articulate castanet. The melodious accompaniment of a deep piano and, finally, the powerful yet soothing harmonics of a glorious and radiant voice singing a solemn hymn…aw yeah, that my deer friends is Spanish-style pop music. A sound that was once popular in the 90’s is now coming back with full flavor and new effect with Canadian singer/songwriter Roxanna .

Classy Deer JoAnn Do Hockersmith had the chance to lend a number of her skills, which included assistant directing and gripping, to create this sexy and steamy music video for Roxanna’s single “Unforgotten” off her upcoming debut album Exotica (available early 2013). If it’s not already sounding hot enough the video also features Days of Our Lives hunk James Scott. So don’t fret ladies, there’s some eye candy for you too.

“Unforgotten” was the first song Roxanna ever wrote and was conceived from the sadness of Roxanna’s would-be marriage, she had this to say from the experience,“That song was my therapy…It just poured out of me, and helped me believe all of this happened for a reason.”

Music Video Credits

Director | Samuel Gonzalez Jr.
Producer | Matthew Rolston