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Classy Deer WonderCon 2015

We had a great time at WonderCon 2015 this year meeting TONS of amazing cosplayers and snapping their photos! Check out the photos on our Facebook page and Instagram and be sure to like and coupons for levitra tag yourselves! Classy Deer on Instagram Day 1 Photos on Facebook Day 2 Photos on Facebook […]

The Siren

Our latest collaboration with Good Kids Production is now finally live online for your viewing pleasure.  Please enjoy this short film directed by Roxy Shih starring the talented dancer and performer Pandora. To fully enjoy this piece please watch in full HD and turn up your speakers to listen to the great compositions by Beethovenboy. […]

A Statistical Study of the Film Industry

Statistics have been used since 5th century BC (thank you wiki) as a way to analyze a mass amount of data. produkt Over the past few years of working in the industry, whether it be commercial or otherwise, I have noticed some statistical patterns. On this page I have documented a few for scientifical purposes. […]

“Redención” Coming soon…

Our own JoAnn Do Hockersmith hops on board as Associate Producer for Redención, directed by Aimee Long.  Redención is an epic sci-fi short set in 2038 on a future Earth entrenched with enough pollution that the government has restricted air travel and the rationing off of travel miles is just as important as money. At the core […]

‘Unfolding’ our latest story on Tengami

More coverage of IndieCade 2012 is finally here! In this episode we go over Tengami, a gorgeous paper crafted pop-up style world inspired by Japanese arts and crafts. Its a puzzle solving game at your fingertips and is playable on the ios systems. The game was developed by Jennifer Schneidereit and Phil Tossell who met […]

Ying & Robert’s Big Day!

Congratulations to newly weds Ying and Robert! Classy Deer had a chance to join this lovely couple on their wedding to film the grand event. We were so excited to be a part of one of the most important days of your life. May you only find happiness in your future.

The Siren Weekend 1

This last weekend we were busy with our newest collaborative project called The Siren with our friends at Good Kids Production.  The weekend consisted of 2 late night shoots where we danced our night away with tutting queen Pandora.  Our very own JoAnn Do Hockersmith even stepped in on night 2 as the Siren herself, swimming laps […]