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10 Things to know about being an AD

  What is an AD you ask? What does an AD do? You have a lot of questions don’t you stranger?! Well, friend, “AD” is an acronym for Assistant Director.  Now, I know the title may sound like this person assists the director, but don’t let that fool you–an Assistant Director actually works for the producer, and his/her main […]

LA Color Festival 2013

Classy went to Norwalk and joined the masses in celebrating the Color Festival! This celebration is known as Holi, which marks the beginning of spring! While this mainly takes place in India and Nepal, the tradition is celebrated all across the globe! I mean, who doesn’t love to dance around in rainbows??? This video was […]

You’ll Want to Remember Roxanna’s “Unforgotten”

  Can you hear it? The crispy fluttering of a resonant acoustic guitar. The light, short snaps of a lonesome but articulate castanet. The melodious accompaniment of a deep piano and, finally, the powerful yet soothing harmonics of a glorious and radiant voice singing a solemn hymn…aw yeah, that my deer friends is Spanish-style pop […]