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Keeping Secrets | Tyler Ward

Over cialis générique the weekend Youtube Artist, Tyler Ward released his latest music video, Keeping Secrets. Tyler Ward is one of those exemplary artists that I have had the pleasure of working with that not only has a great fan base in our social media age, but manages to be very personable with all his […]

You’ll Want to Remember Roxanna’s “Unforgotten”

  Can you hear it? The crispy fluttering of a resonant acoustic guitar. The light, short snaps of a lonesome but articulate castanet. The melodious accompaniment of a deep piano and, finally, the powerful yet soothing harmonics of a glorious and radiant voice singing a solemn hymn…aw yeah, that my deer friends is Spanish-style pop […]

Have you ‘herd’ Vice Versa’s “Love The Way”?!

Are you ready to have your monocle blown straight off your face by sweet jams your brain has yet to comprehend?!  Well then prepare yourself when you listen to “Love the Way,” a new single by the band Vice Versa. Classy Deer had the opportunity of shooting Vice Versa’s first music video that can only […]

Prancing to the jams of Brian James

Classy Deer Edricdale Silla had the opportunity to direct and edit “Freedom Summer”, a music video for hip-hop artist Brian James.  The album, also titled Freedom Summer, centers around the 1964 campaign that attempted to register as many African American voters as possible in Mississippi during a time when blacks were excluded from voting.  The album is […]

Wake the Night Directed by Kelly Li

A few of the deer here had the opportunity to help out with director Kelly Li’s latest project, Wake the Night.  Starring dancers Julie Zhan, actress of Cafe Eleve, and Can Nguyen, from ABDC season 5 winner Poreotics.  Take a look at the video as they “reboot” their dance moves! This video is a part of the […]

The Siren – Photo Shoot

Our newest and collaborative project, The Siren, begins its production with a promotional photoshoot!  We were lucky enough to have Pandora Marie play our voluptuous siren.  For those of you who aren’t around these parts of the woods, Pandora Marie is a talented world renown tutting queen!  Just check out these photos if you don’t believe me. The […]

Tap your hooves to Kimbra’s “Two Way Street”

A fellow deer had the opportunity to go work on Kimbra‘s latest music video Two way Street.  Fan or not, you must admit that this lass can sing!  The entire video was shot in just one day with only a handful of crew members.  Kimbra was quite the classy lady herself the entire long work day and […]