Midnights with Adam at LA Asian Pacific Film Festival

Classy Deer members Timothy Griggs, Andrew Ng, JoAnn Hockersmith, and Michael Lewis

May 8th, 2013 – A classy night in the heart of Koreatown, Los Angeles, California was the premiere of Midnights with Adam at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. With the Cinematography by resident Classy Deer, Andrew Ng (myself), a few other members of the herd also joined the celebrations.

“Midnights with Adam” is written and directed by fellow filmmaker and close friend, Yudho Aditya of DTF Pictures. Yudho and I have been working together as a Director/DP team for over five years, since undergraduate school at UC Irvine. In that time, we constantly challenged each others’ visual aesthetic and creative passions, pushing each other to the next level – to me, “Midnights with Adam” is almost a landmark of our success and growth.

Cast and Crew of Midnights with Adam at Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

Filming “Midnights with Adam” was a blast. The film was shot about a year after I had graduated college, Yudho and the rest of the DTF team in their senior year. Before taking the position as cinematographer, I reminded Yudho of my limited availability because of my full-time job… I wasn’t a student anymore. Yudho wouldn’t let that get in the way. And I’m glad he didn’t.

“Midnights with Adam,” along with many of the short films (Missed, Inbetween Nights, Heart and Soles) I shot with Yudho and the DTF team hold a really special place in my filmmaking heart. These films are not only the films that I will re-watch in the future and laugh about all our little mistakes and “what we could’ve done better.” But I remember these films being the first projects where I was able to explore my passion as a cinematographer. It wasn’t about getting the most fancy gear or shooting in 4k or the most dynamic range or eating delicious catered food on set or even about getting paid the big bucks. It was about the joy of filmmaking and creation.

And it’s not that filmmaking isn’t about the joy of filmmaking and creation anymore… but there was a sense of youth, inexperience, discovery and naive-ness which I don’t think I will ever entirely experience again. But that’s how it’s supposed to be when you flourish into a career that is driven by passion.

I want to thank everybody who was involved with this film. And of course everybody that came out to SEE the film – including my sister and of course my girlfriend Anna. It’s always an amazing sense of accomplishment to share your creation on the big screen with your family and friends.

The premiere was a part of the K’nex short film program, screened in a sold-out theatre at CGV Cinemas. “Midnights with Adam” was paired alongside three other films produced by filmmakers from American Film Institute (AFI), Art Center College of Design, and Japan.

Check out  www.dtfpictures.com for more information about future screenings of “Midnights with Adam.”

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Andrew and Anna

Andrew and Anna

Andrew and Yudho

Andrew and Yudho

DTF Pictures behind the scenes of Midnights with Adam