Matt and Rebecca – Surprise Proposal Performance!


A couple weekends ago we had the privilege of shooting a surprise proposal performance by one of our herd, Matt Cheah. We collaborated with him closely to get the shots that he wanted as he performed a dance for his soon-to-be fiancée at the beautiful Heritage Park in Irvine. Matt put all the footage together in the next week and produced this video documenting the start of his engagement!

The footage from the dance was actually shot over 2 weekends. The first weekend was a dress rehearsal and a practice day for us to make sure we could set up lights and get all of the positioning down for the dancers. A special thanks from Matt to everyone who dedicated their time and made this event possible. The dance was choreographed by  Chris Song and he joined Michael Wen, Franklin Yu, Jonathan Liao, and David Gao as Matt’s entourage.  The decorations were headed up by Deanna Ngo, and she was joined by Reuelle Shao, Tricia Halim, Alicia Halim. A big thanks to Rebecca’s friends Jennifer Wang and Kristen Au-Yeung for driving down from Norcal to celebrate with us too. Finally, we’d like to thank Alicia Legas for helping coordinate our time at Heritage Park, as well as  Shant, Shayne, Jasmine, and Angela at Simone and Son. Best engagement ring ever!

Congratulations to Matt and Becca!

Classy Deer produces a video for a surprise engagement for Matt Cheah and Becca Wang