Long Beach Comic and Horror Convention 2012

Hey there horror freaks and true believers alike! Whist you enjoyed a relaxing weekend, Classy Deer was at the Long Beach Comic and Horror Con! Hungry for rare comics, celebrity sightings, unbelievable cosplay, and perhaps some human flesh, we braved the convention show floor and wave after wave of our fellow geeks. As expected, Long Beach did not disappoint.

The costumed characters and creatures ranged from this adorable little Captain America – go get em Cap! – to the frighteningly accurate Joker – why so serious? – and as always the scantily clad! Plenty of inhabitants of the Star Wars universe could be glimpsed at the convention, as well as the cleverly disguised creator of said universe. It seems he welcomes his new Mouse House overlords.

Comic shops from all corners of the greater LA region were there to show off the goods, as well as artists and writers such as the masterful Dustin Nguyen, Tim Bradstreet, Joshua Hale Fialkov, and a personal hero: Lance Henriksen (Bishop from Aliens).

The newest creation of Mr. Kapitan Kartoon himself (Paul Dale) caught our wandering eye, as the underwater heroine, Siren, shares the name of our most recent collaboration.

Mr. Sidney Adam Cumbie, as a brilliantly creepy zombie sheriff, was promoting his undead photo op project, I Shoot The Dead.

All in all, we came, we saw, we geeked out, and we’ll definitely be back next year. For all the photos and easy download, make sure you check out our facebook page!