Long Beach Comic and Horror Convention 2012 Video Montage

You’ve seen the pictures, but it’s time to finally take your full dosage of geek-serum by watching this sweet accompaniment montage of the booths, babes, and cosplays that hit the Long Beach Comic and Horror Convention floor for 2012!

Set to the thumping electronic remix track “Vol. 16 Apocalypse” by the artist ‘TheNeverAfter,’ the video features: kiddie Captain America on his daddy’s shoulders, a Lady Deadpool on her cellphone, a “more-than-alive” sheriff zombie, an appearance by actress Mackenzie Mason who plays Cortana in Halo 4, and tons more!

A special thanks to the show runners of the LBCHC for letting the Herd come in to their wonderful venue and allowing us to capture and relay back the awesomeness to our followers and the other proud comic and fantasy geeks around the internet!