Keeping Secrets | Tyler Ward


the weekend Youtube Artist, Tyler Ward released his latest music video, Keeping Secrets. Tyler Ward is one of those exemplary artists that I have had the pleasure of working with that not only has a great fan base in our social media age, but manages to be very personable with all his fans as well. We shot this video at the YouTube Space in Los Angeles and wow were these facilities amazing! The entire shoot was shot on a green screen with a small crew and very talented actors. You may see some familiar faces in this video including, Tay Zonday, Alan Weischedel of Third String Kicker, Barats and Bereta, and Eppic. As stressful as being an Assistant Director can be, this wonderful cast and crew

made it a snap! Congrats to Tyler and accomplished director, Tim Hendrix, on the release of this very imaginative and creative music video.