IndieCade Episode 1 | Open Source & Guacamelee

Our first episode of IndieCade premiers as we go over a wide variety of games and even new approaches to playing. Wandering through Culver City with our friends at My Geek Review, we spoke to many game developers trying to push the limits. In this episode we talk to two particular games, Open Source and Guacamelee.

Open Source, created by our friends at Super Soul, resembles an installation piece where the player literally becomes one with the game ‘Pong.’ However, instead of visually playing the game the player must only use their auditory senses to judge where the ball is in correlation to themselves. Super Soul even provides a way for you to play at home!

Guacamelee is based on metroid-esque gaming and draws its inspiration from Mexican folklore and culture. The game features a down on his luck hero, Juan Aguacate, who seeks out to rescue his daughter from the wretched Evil Charro Skeleton. It’s developed by Drink Box Studios, a canadian based independant video game developer.

Stay tuned for more episodes of our coverage at IndieCade 2012!