House of Cards Season 2 | Episode 1

Directed by: Carl Franklin
Written by: Michael Dobbs, Andrew Davies, Beau Willimon
Released: February 14, 2014
Theatre watched at: Directors Guild of America


Roses are red, violets are blue, who needs a valentine, I got House of Cards Season 2! That’s right folks, Netflix has officially kicked off their season 2 of their now Emmy nominated series House of Cards and boy what can I say. Classy Deer was lucky enough to attend the red carpet premiere screening with the rest of the cast and crew of House of Cards and the first episode blew us away!

The first episode picked up viagra sans ordonnance right from the last at the same speed and drama that viewers fell in love with. Kevin Spacey steps back into his role as Frank Underwood, and boy does he not let up even for a moment. He continues on with his plan for the thrown, and now has to deal with settling all of his scandals

before becoming Vice President. Even more so, Claire Underwood played by actress Robin Wright, delivers even more jaw dropping lines than Frank (I won’t spoil them for you so you can find out on your own). Claire, still dealing with a lawsuit, never hesitates or shows a moment of weakness, always acting as the strong supportive wife. Our detective reporters Zoe, Lucas, and Janine are still fighting for the truth behind Peter Russo’s “suicide” from season 1. Will the ever discover it? Watch to find out.

The premiere at the DGA was very classy

to say the least. Their #1 theater was PACKED wall to wall with cast, crew, critics, and fans. Netflix should be overly happy with their popular series. However because Netflix still refuses to report just how well the series is going, we’ll never truly know just how many viewers are logging in for this show. It still places a very interested shift on how shows should be presented to the public and with Season 3 already on it’s way, we can guess that their viewership is in fact going well.

This first episode of House of Cards will leave you shocked and wanting more. So go ahead and put on your most comfy pants, set yourself up

on the couch with your favorite snacks, and binge watch a few episodes of House of Cards this weekend. You and your valentine won’t regret it.

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