Have you ‘herd’ Vice Versa’s “Love The Way”?!

Are you ready to have your monocle blown straight off your face by sweet jams your brain has yet to comprehend?!  Well then prepare yourself when you listen to “Love the Way,” a new single by the band Vice Versa.

Classy Deer had the opportunity of shooting Vice Versa’s first music video that can only be described as the most visually stunning, rock-n-roll-tastic 3 minutes and 30 seconds of your life.  The entire video was shot in one momentous day at Le’Git Studios, where the band continues to write and reeducate themselves on what it truly means to be a bad ass rockstar and revolutionary.

Vice Versa would also like to dedicate this song to the legendary talent promoter and producer, Ken Phebus, who worked with the band very closely this past year.  Ken Phebus has produced more concert talent than any individual in the concert business, over 7,000 events since 1981. After Ken’s passing this year, the song was the written the instant Zeke Zeledon touched his guitar.

Hope your furry ears are ready for the musical ecstasy it’s about to encounter as we present to you, “Love the Way.”

Song Credits

Guitar & Vocals | Zeke Zeledon
Bass & Back-up Vocals | Peter Alison
Drums | Ariel Fredrickson

Producer | Ross Whitney
Co-Produced | Zeke Zeledon
Sound Design | Jonathan Rowe

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