Graphic Tutorial – 2.5 D

If you’ve ever had to use photos in a video project, I’m sure that you’ve wanted to do more than just the Ken Burns effect. Well, in this tutorial we’ll be using Photoshop and After Effects to make your photo almost 3D. I present to you, 2.5D.

Written Instructions:
1. In Photoshop: Pick your photo and choose layers. Put subjects on different layers via cut. Reconstruct any missing people and/or backgrounds.
2. Export each layer separately, as an image file, with an alpha channel.
3. Import each file into After Effects and click levitra vardenafil tablets the 3D box check to make them so. Start arranging separate images in Z space (3rd set of numbers under your “Position” attribute.)
4. Add a null object, make it 3D, and add a camera. Set the null object as a Parent to the camera and start keyframing different positions on the null object.
5. Review/render work and you’re finished!