Getting our “Game On” at Indiecade


This last weekend, Classy Deer went to Indiecade with our friends at My Geek Review. Indiecade is a convention of indie gamings. From board games, video games, to interactive gaming installations, Indiecade has got it all. Indiecade is the only stand-alone independent-focused game festival in the nation and has been going on for about 5 years now, hosted in Culver City Los Angeles.  While the festival is dedicated to the indie artists, larger companies such as Sony are there as well to scope out the next upcoming inventions and games!

We got to interview some of the greatest minds behind these games so stay tuned to see some of our footage!  Plenty of snapshots were taken as well, to see more please visit our facebook page to see them all!

The Gamers

Global Cardboard Challenge
Hidden in Plain Sight
Open Source
Reality Ends Here
Story Pirates