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Getting Classy at Standard Time

One of our latest commercial videos features Michael Sharpe for his company Standard Time. What is Standard Time you ask? It’s a Los Angeles ad agency that has worked for companies like Asics, DC, and Veggie Grill. Still curious about Standard Time? Watch the video and you’ll learn more about what this agency […]

A Statistical Study of the Film Industry

Statistics have been used since 5th century BC (thank you wiki) as a way to analyze a mass amount of data. produkt Over the past few years of working in the industry, whether it be commercial or otherwise, I have noticed some statistical patterns. On this page I have documented a few for scientifical purposes. […]

The Invisible War – Thoughts from the Assistant Editor

  Hi, everyone! Ed Alva here. As some of you may know, I currently work for documentary filmmaker Kirby Dick and served as assistant editor for his latest film, The Invisible War, a film about sexual assault in the US military. It has just been nominated for an Academy Award for best documentary feature. I […]

“Grassroots” Featured on iTunes Movie Trailers

Another day, another trailer! Grassroots is currently on the list of popular trailers on iTunes Movie Trailers! Herd members Timothy Griggs, Michael Lewis and JoAnn Hockersmith worked on the film under director Stephen Gyllenhaal. The film premieres this month. Check out the trailer on Apple’s page here or the embed below:

“The Invisible War” featured on iTunes Movie Trailers

In honor of Memorial Day, The Invisible War, a ground-breaking documentary about sexual assault in the US Military, has been highlighted as a top trailer on Apple’s iTunes Movie Trailers homepage for the weekend. Fellow Classy Deer Ed Alva worked as Assistant Editor for the film and helped cut together trailer viewable on Apple’s website (or […]