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Getting Classy at Camp | Tools for Peace

Classy Deer had the opportunity to work with Tools for Peace once again, this time helping them with their indiegogo campaign! Tools for Peace is raising funds in order vente de viagra sans ordonnance en france to offer teens scholorships to their Summer Teen Compassion-In-Action Camp! This marks the 9th year Tools for Peace […]

Tools for Peace | Stop, Breathe, and Think

Tools for Peace was founded in 2000 and is based in Pasadena, CA. It is a non profit organization that “teaches youth practical methods to cultivate compassion, peace, and wellbeing through training in mindfulness and meditation.” They are also trying to make it easier for students to have access to their curriculum by creating […]

Getting Classy at Standard Time

One of our latest commercial videos features Michael Sharpe for his company Standard Time. What is Standard Time you ask? It’s a Los Angeles ad agency that has worked for companies like Asics, DC, and Veggie Grill. Still curious about Standard Time? Watch the video and you’ll learn more about what this agency […]

Mothers Organic Health

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of working with Kelly and Jason McKnight for their company, Mother’s Organic. This couple has created a one stop shop for all of your organic child-raising needs. While many parents have thought about eating organic for their baby, some may forget to look into the lotion, toys, […]

Take a ‘peek’ at our video for Chic Peek!

A little while ago, Classy Deer had the honor of getting our fashion on at Chic Peek. Chic Peek is a jewelry company that makes their product unique for each one of their customers. Take a peek at our video to find out more!

Tap your hooves to Kimbra’s “Two Way Street”

A fellow deer had the opportunity to go work on Kimbra‘s latest music video Two way Street.  Fan or not, you must admit that this lass can sing!  The entire video was shot in just one day with only a handful of crew members.  Kimbra was quite the classy lady herself the entire long work day and […]