Classy Deer Just Got “Ultra” Classy!

Classy Deer is proud to announce its new “Monocle Movie Reviews” sponsor UltraStar Cinemas! The awesome ladies and gents over at the UltraLuxe theatre in Anaheim, California have graciously opened their auditorium doors to the Herd due to our mutual appreciation for the art and magic that is filmmaking. Going to the movies now-a-days takes quite the pretty penny to get in. As for the Herd, who needs to see one to two films a week in order to bring you “The Monocle,” it takes a pretty penny and her pretty friend to do it. With the help of UltraStar Cinemas, a bit of weight has been lifted off our shoulders and we will be able to continue bringing you guys the reviews for the movies you want (or do not) want to see!

All of you cinefiles out there really need to visit one of these UltraStar Cinemas when you get the chance–two of our own Deers have had the pleasure of visiting the UltraLuxe Anaheim Theatre to witness its elegance and class. When I say this, I don’t mean they just have extra floor sweeper personnel to keep the popcorn seeds from sticking into the bottoms of your shoes; the theatre is equipped with a full-on, alcohol-friendly cafe that boasts a ridiculous amount of goodies that go beyond just popcorn and candy. Turn around from the cafe and what you have waiting for you is a two-floor lounge space for you and your buddies to chill at comfortably before your showtime. Don’t worry you high school hunks out there, the lounge is dimly lit with that same romantic atmosphere you were hoping to keep throughout the night for your lady. For those who are 21 and older, you’ll be happy to know they have a three auditorium section of the theatre that is exclusively catered to an audience of your demographic only, allowing your mind to passover former potential frustrations such as crying babies or frisky high school hunks. Did I mention you’re allowed to bring in that beer from the cafe with you? You know what, just have one of the employees bring it in for you from the cafe instead–like royalty they treat you, like royalty.

With all these lavish amenities, the price has got to be more expensive than other joints, right? Wrong, there are no extra fees needed to be dealt with in order to indulge yourself in the cafe or lounge. The only price hikes occur depending on the type of movie you plan to watch: 3D, D-Box, D-Box 3D, UltraMax (their version of IMAX), and a retro style of cinema viewing known as regular 2D (hipsters you’re going to want to watch out of this one). The final thing I want to mention, which is something that the people at the UltraLuxe love to boast about, are there delicious paninis! Name one theatre close to you that sells paninis–go ahead I’ll wait. That’s right, and it’s not just one kind, they have over ten styles to choose from, all of which are appropriately named after actors and actresses. The best part? They’re CHEAP. For just under $8.00 you can get a full panini, chips, and a pickle. Relatively speaking that’s a good deal, and yeah, I’m looking at you, AMC with your $10+ large drink and popcorn.

So if all of these aren’t good enough reasons to visit this theater (which they are), then give them a try for your pals at Classy Deer to keep the cycle of love, art, and economical business politics going. Totally kidding! Do what you please, but we totally recommend checking these classy guys out for an ultra fun night at the movies!