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UCI Medical Center: Child Life

Classy Deer had the pleasure of creating a video for a great cause. UC Irvine’s Medical Center: Child Life Program is a therapeutic play program used to help children and their families cope with the hospitalization experience. The hospital experience can sometimes be stressful and scary, these volunteers are here to help some of their […]

Mothers Organic Health

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of working with Kelly and Jason McKnight for their company, Mother’s Organic. This couple has created a one stop shop for all of your organic child-raising needs. While many parents have thought about eating organic for their baby, some may forget to look into the lotion, toys, […]

LA Color Festival 2013

Classy went to Norwalk and joined the masses in celebrating the Color Festival! This celebration is known as Holi, which marks the beginning of spring! While this mainly takes place in India and Nepal, the tradition is celebrated all across the globe! I mean, who doesn’t love to dance around in rainbows??? This video was […]

The Drop Off

Happy to finally release our latest short, The Drop Off. Starring Isaac Johnson, Lawrence Kao, and Eddie Vona. Two men meet in order to exchange some equipment for their “gigs.” As a passerby overhears there conversation, he decides to take action and….call the cops. Shot in less than 6 hours, The Drop Off is a […]

“Redención” Coming soon…

Our own JoAnn Do Hockersmith hops on board as Associate Producer for Redención, directed by Aimee Long.  Redención is an epic sci-fi short set in 2038 on a future Earth entrenched with enough pollution that the government has restricted air travel and the rationing off of travel miles is just as important as money. At the core […]

Julia & Steven’s Wedding

Congratulations to our dear friends, Julia & Stephen Matsuoka! Thank you for choosing Classy Deer to be a part of your very special day. We hope this video reminds you of all the joy you shared with us all on your wedding day. Cheers to you both and your bright future together!

Classy Deer Just Got “Ultra” Classy!

  Classy Deer is proud to announce its new “Monocle Movie Reviews” sponsor UltraStar Cinemas! The awesome ladies and gents over at the UltraLuxe theatre in Anaheim, California have graciously opened their auditorium doors to the Herd due to our mutual appreciation for the art and magic that is filmmaking. Going to the movies now-a-days […]

Long Beach Comic and Horror Convention 2012 Video Montage

  You’ve seen the pictures, but it’s time to finally take your full dosage of geek-serum by watching this sweet accompaniment montage of the booths, babes, and cosplays that hit the Long Beach Comic and Horror Convention floor for 2012! Set to the thumping electronic remix track “Vol. 16 Apocalypse” by the artist ‘TheNeverAfter,’ the […]

‘Unfolding’ our latest story on Tengami

More coverage of IndieCade 2012 is finally here! In this episode we go over Tengami, a gorgeous paper crafted pop-up style world inspired by Japanese arts and crafts. Its a puzzle solving game at your fingertips and is playable on the ios systems. The game was developed by Jennifer Schneidereit and Phil Tossell who met […]

Take a ‘peek’ at our video for Chic Peek!

A little while ago, Classy Deer had the honor of getting our fashion on at Chic Peek. Chic Peek is a jewelry company that makes their product unique for each one of their customers. Take a peek at our video to find out more!