Arrested Development at UC Irvine

Arrested Development at UC Irvine

Ever heard of a Zotgasm? I don’t think I have before last night, but I think many UC Irvine students and alumni may have all just experienced one if they are fans of

the reincarnated hit show Arrested Development. With its long awaited fourth season release on Netflix early Sunday Morning May 26th, 2013 at 12:00am, Arrested Development brought back the comical genius along with UC Irvine as one of its plot locations. By now many of us may be questioning, how much filming of Arrested Development was at UC Irvine? In this article, we’ll show off a handful of photos from Arrested Development featuring UC Irvine.


A few members of the Classy Deer herd are proud alumni of UC Irvine. Seeing our alma mater on such a popular show really gets us excited and adds to the joy of the viewing experience. In August 2012, photos of Michael Cera riding a Segway sporting UCI apparel hit the world wide web stirring up the entire Anteater community.

Arrested Development's Michael Cera on his segway at UC Irvine

And now, almost a year after the leaked photos and after 7 years since the beginning of the series, Arrested Development was reincarnated on Netflix as a full season available to all Netflix subscribers.

Right off the bat, most native southern california residents will recognize the familiar scenery of Balboa Island and seven minutes in, we are introduced to Michael Cera’s character, George Michael’s, new home, the University of California, Irvine.

Michael Cera's new moustache in Arrested Development

Unfortunately after a massive… “Zotgasm” of UC Irvine pride, we quickly learn that

almost all of what is supposed to be UCI is not actually in Irvine at all. For the second of hope that we actually thought loads of money would be spent working around the Irvine Company to actually film on campus…. – our hopes flew out the door.

But not to dwell on the already known concept of “movie-magic,” Anteaters are able to bask in the glory of UCI paraphernalia strewn across the set design. Yes, it’s

unfortunate that UC Irvine natives won’t be able to identify campus monuments or locations. I don’t think it ruined

the experience- in fact it was really fun spotting items that we knew all too well when meandering the UCI Bookstore, now called, The Hill. Here are some screen captures of the scenes that show off UCI pride… ZOT ZOT!

Check out the UCI apparel in Arrested Development

Really digging the cello playing anteater drawing.

Cello playing anteater at UC Irvine in Arrested DevelopmentMore UC Irvine swag in Arrested DevelopmentThese dorms aren't actually at UC IrvineUC Irvine doesn't have chain link fences!

Really want that clock!!

Anteater Clock on Arrested Development

Not quite the Music Dept. at UCI, but love the detail!!Hey this is at USC, not UC Irvine!

This shot almost had me… the sign is JUST like one at UCI.

This Arrested Development shot was actually taken at UC Irvine

Campus police… yep… haha no doubt a UC Irvine familiarity.

The parking situation in Arrested Development is similar to UC Irvine's parking.Arrested Development at UC IrvineArrested Development at UC IrvineArrested Development at UC IrvineArrested Development at UC Irvine

Peter the Anteater plush!!!  You can buy it here!!Arrested Development at UC IrvineArrested Development at UC Irvine

The rerelease of Arrested Development is a monumental piece of popular culture and media. Not only will this give UC Irvine some recognition and pride (hopefully), but it will also fall into the history books of streaming media and television. Arrested Development’s Emmy award winning three seasons on television was shockingly cancelled due to a lack of viewership in 2006. Along with original series such as  House of Cards, Netflix is paving a new road for… privatized popular serial production? We can’t quite call shows like Arrested Development and House of Cards a television series anymore. In fact, these shows aren’t limited to a television anymore- but rather distributed across computers, tablets and mobile devices. Only time will tell what this means for the future of popular shows and entertainment – but it’s looking like a strong forecast for visual entertainment.

And to end this blog with a few more (out of hundreds) favorite moments from season four of Arrested Development…. here is a google car, teen-mom filmmaking and a ridiculous cameo.

Google Maps Street View car on Arrested Development Teen Mom Filmmaking on Arrested Development Arrested Development at UC Irvine Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller on Arrested Development

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