Timothy Griggs

Spawn of the picturesque New England village of Collinsville, Connecticut, Timothy fell in love with the magic of cinema at an early age. As a youth, he studied vigorously, graduating top of his home school class, mastered the art of training llamas, and championed the Pinewood Derby three years in a row.

At Trinity College Timothy befriended alumnus and Hollywood director, Stephen Gyllenhaal, and overcame his coastal inconvenience after being invited to work on the film Grassroots. While working under the beautiful desert night sky on the set of Numb3rs, he began to realize that film was a drug he wouldn’t be to able kick.

Armed with a belief that nothing is impossible, the faith that a picture really is worth at least 999 words, and an obsession with bold, sweeping, and (whenever possible) crane-mounted camera work, Timothy is a crack visual storyteller and an ace in the hole.

Guilty Pleasures?


Movie experience that dropped your jaw?

Seeing Baraka in 70mm.

What would you like to be doing more?

Traveling, traveling, and more traveling. I want to walk across America.