Matt Cheah

Matt came of age in the valley of Almaden, in southern San Jose, California. By avoiding the trigger-happy albinos of the surrounding hills and dodging stray golf balls from the nearby green, he soon developed a shrewd killer instinct; A skill that served him well when, appearing too white to attend Chinese school with his peers, he was forced into chess classes. As a budding youth, Matt became impassioned by large scale production and grandiose cinematography. His arduous studies at the University of California, Irvine introduced him to fellow future Classy Deer, sharpened his aptitude in motion graphics and visual effects, and culminated in the earning of a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Studies. Matt has always believed in working harder than you are paid for, and in every task performed, he sports an infallible source of energy and enthusiasm with a twinge of attitude. He walks out of black and white “art” films and would like to learn to sail.


Carbohydrates and video games.

Movie that made you cry like a baby?

Cast Away. You know the part.


Classy Deer – Most Attractive Deer