JoAnn Do Hockersmith

JoAnn was born and raised, right here, in Southern California. And much like the Man of Steel, her super powers of organization and all things geek derive from the glorious sunshine. JoAnn worked as a family and pet portrait artist, but after mastering the shading of bulldog wrinkles her pursuits turned to the study of Fine Arts, Digital Arts, and Business Management. Earning a degree in all three from the University of California Irvine, she became interested in video art and filmmaking.

Post academia, JoAnn became determined to make her own spot in Tinseltown and breathed life into the fellowship now known as Classy Deer. With her newly formed army of creative visionaries, she scored her first opportunity in the AWC Fellowship and showcased her very own short film, Prescribed, as a part of the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival.

When JoAnn isn’t writing deer puns you can find her roaming Skyrim and working Star Wars quotes into most conversation – often concurrently. She wears old spice, drinks her coffee black, and would never ever make a chick flick.

What do you bring to Classy Deer that is unique?

OCD. I also have an unlimited supply of Batman knowledge.

Name one of your favorite artists. Why?

Nam June Paik. His artwork actually inspired me to become more involved in video, as opposed to just sculpture or painting.


COFFEE. I can’t drink alcohol because of allergies and I don’t smoke, so caffeine is literally all I have. Take that away from me and, well, I’ll kill you.