Jessica Asuelime

Jessica was born, raised, and is currently living in lovely Loma Linda, California. Growing up in a small town with no public smoking, vegetarian fast food, and one of the highest life expectancies anywhere has made Jessica a picture of health. Thus she becomes easily bored when not running, biking, hiking, playing a multitude of sports, or working on her beloved Mitsubishi Eclipse.

A born winner, Jessica’s trophy shelf includes awards from high school basketball along with a heap of blue ribbons from conquered science fairs. In higher education she pursued her passion for filmmaking, earning majors in Film and Media Studies as well as Studio Art from the University of California at Irvine.

Jessica eats post production for breakfast. Her appetite for editing and animation marvels all who work with her. Her refusal to tolerate dull, drawn out material renders her a ruthless editor – cutting and shaping high energy, entertaining pieces. She lives by the motto: “If I don’t want to watch this, why would anyone else?”

Strange quirk or personality trait?

I don’t really like watching movies because they’re hard for me to sit through. I think, “Shoot, I have my own stuff to edit!”

What do you spend too much time doing?

Car stuff- working on, photographing, talking with friends about, driving, going to meets, looking up, etc. I love my car, don’t hit, don’t scratch – he’s my boyfriend. Be careful or step away.

Movie you walked out of?

The Dark Knight …almost.
(Note: Employee is under review for questionable taste)