Edward Patrick Alva

It was in Union City, California that Edward established his fascination for animation, graphic design, music, video games, and the internet. In his spare time as an adolescent, he made flip books and Flash animation, designed Pokémon fan-sites, composed music on his computer, and even played his tuba in Carnegie Hall.

After a strange chain of events (involving an error in paperwork and a missed tuba audition) Ed arrived in SoCal to study Studio Art at UC Irvine. Here his passion for art and design gave birth to an affinity for filmmaking. With his newfound skill set, Ed went on to work for Chain Camera Pictures on the award-winning documentary, The Invisible War.

Since then, Ed has labored to combine his interests into a singular, cohesive whole; he’s still working on that. For now, he is a web and graphic designer, where he won’t stop until the pixels line up. Ed is well versed on set and has produced and assistant directed several short films.

Strange quirk or personality trait?

I can’t get hiccups and am deeply envious of people who can!

Movie that made you cry like a baby?

“13 Going on 30” …What?

What future invention will improve your sunset years?

When they invent a technique that allows us to be fully functional without the need to sleep, I’ll be so good to go. Think of all the tangential Wikipedia articles I’ll actually have time to read as I sit in my futuristic rocket rocking chair!