Andrew Ng

Andrew was born and raised in the quaint Northern California town of Pleasant Hill. Whether chasing soccer balls on the pitch or chasing girls most everywhere, Andrew’s ambition has always been a force to be reckoned with. All this was just as pleasant as the town’s name, but an interest in filmmaking eventually coaxed him down into the sunny sprawl of Orange County.

Though mildly distracted by the beautiful weather and attractive (ahem) doe, Andrew claimed a degree in Film and Media Studies where he found particular interest in the visuals and imagery of motion pictures. Armed with an insatiable hunger, he found his way into Hollywood production studios such as Bad Robot, corporate environments like Pacific Life Insurance, and most importantly, the independent filmmaker community.

Andrew has since developed a severe addiction to new camera technology and workflow. His obsession with cinematography is only paralleled by his love of food. When he’s not testing lights and cleaning lenses, you will most likely find him eating, eating, or eating.

What do you bring to Classy Deer that is unique?

I will cook you a delectable meal and afterwards swoon you with my guitar.

Past occupation or activity that might surprise people?

I used to tutor K-8 grade children in Math, English, and History. I was also a certified US Soccer Federation referee.

Movie that made you cry like a baby?

I am a MAN. Therefore NONE.