Classy Deer Manifesto

The Classy Deer is a savvy and sophisticated cosmopolitan.  It is a world traveler,

an ambassador of style, and a connoisseur of well aged single malt scotch. And yet, at heart, the Classy Deer is a wild beast.  Swift, silent and alert – It is a creature of great strength and gentle grace.  Does describing something with contrasting adjectives make it seem complex and generally awesome?  Guilty.

The fact is that while many companies leap for classy – and often fall short – we understand and embrace the importance of the deer.  The people behind the product, the content inside the candy coating, the fur beneath the bowler cap.  Telling a great story about you is where we begin and end.  With that accomplished, we polish it, tie a bow around it, and title it with Helvetica Neue.

We are a diverse team of artists and filmmakers with ridiculous talent and an insatiable appetite for the creative.  We live on the web, eat design for breakfast, and view the world through a 35mm lens.  We are

always looking for a new story to tell and a bold new method of telling it.


Meet The Herd