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Halloween “hoof” Print Giveaway

Ladies and gentlemen! Here at Classy Deer we are excited to announce our very first contest: The Halloween “hoof” Print Giveaway! Each week in October, a new Classy Deer profile picture (4 in total) will be posted of none other than The Classy Deer in a different Halloween costume! Fans who “like” photos will be […]

The Monocle – “End of Watch”

Directed by: David Ayer Written by: David Ayer Released: September 21st, 2012 Theatre watched at: Century 8, North Hollywood   Anyone who really knows me, a list that depressingly could make even the smallest “Post-It” note feel better about itself, understands that I have an extreme fascination with the modern gimmick of “Found Footage” films, or […]

The Monocle – “The Master”

Directed by: Paul Thomas Anderson Written by: Paul Thomas Anderson Released: September 14th, 2012 Theatre watched at: Arclight Cinemas- DOME, Hollywood   Paul Thomas Anderson > Christopher Nolan. Christopher Nolan > Paul Thomas Anderson. Yeah, that seriously was a frequent argument I ran into in the comments section when viewing the trailer for this movie […]

Have you ‘herd’ Vice Versa’s “Love The Way”?!

Are you ready to have your monocle blown straight off your face by sweet jams your brain has yet to comprehend?!  Well then prepare yourself when you listen to “Love the Way,” a new single by the band Vice Versa. Classy Deer had the opportunity of shooting Vice Versa’s first music video that can only […]

The Monocle – “Celeste and Jesse Forever”

Directed by: Lee Toland Krieger Written by: Rashida Jones & Will McCormack Released: August 3, 2012 Theatre watched at: Arclight Cinemas, Hollywood   Rashida Jones is hot. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way;  I know that this particular review is quite late in reference to the release date of this movie (I […]

Prancing to the jams of Brian James

Classy Deer Edricdale Silla had the opportunity to direct and edit “Freedom Summer”, a music video for hip-hop artist Brian James.  The album, also titled Freedom Summer, centers around the 1964 campaign that attempted to register as many African American voters as possible in Mississippi during a time when blacks were excluded from voting.  The album is […]

The Monocle – “Lawless”

Why, hello there! I hadn’t seen you come in. Please! Make yourself at home. Help yourself to some tea, and the biscuits will be on their way shortly.What was that? Oh goodness, pardon my dimness. But of course! You’re not here for that- no, no, no. You’re here for something much, much, more. You’re here […]